Botanical Gardens Faculty of Science Osaka City University

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Botanical Gardens Faculty of Science Osaka City University

The Botanical Gardens, Faculty of Science, Osaka City University (大阪市立大学理学部附属植物園, Ōsaka Shiritsu Daigaku Rigakubu Fuzoku Shokubutsuen, 26 hectares) are botanical gardens operated by Osaka City University. They are near the Keihan-Kisaichi station, Katano, Osaka, Japan and open to the public.

The gardens were established in 1950 and contain about 4500 species from around the world, including more than 1,000 species native to Japan. They also contain representatives of 11 Japanese forest types. The gardens' maple collection includes Acer insulare, A. pictum (mono), A. japonicum, A. sieboldianum, A. rufinerve, A. nipponicum, A. pycnanthum, A. carpinifolium and A. amoenum.

Research accomplishments include discovery of the fossil genus Metasequoia by Dr. Shigeru Miki, as well as ongoing activities in systematics, ecology, physiology, genetics, horticulture, and dendrology.

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