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Botha (Afrikaans pronunciation: [ˈbʊəta]) is a common Afrikaans surname, derived from the Friso-Saxon Both.[1] It was brought to South Africa in 1678 by German soldiers who subsequently intermarried with the local Dutch population.[2] Botha roughly translates to "son of the leader" in Middle Dutch.[citation needed]

The progenitors of the extended clan are Frederich Botha (born Wangenheim, Thuringia) and Maria Kickers (born Amsterdam, North Holland).[3] Married in 1714, they later farmed for a living between Stellenbosch and Somerset West.[2] Today, their legal descendants number around 76,125 people,[4] including:

Descendants of Ferdinandùs Appel[edit]

Prior to her marriage to Frederich Botha, Maria Kickers had an out-of-wedlock child fathered by Ferdinandùs Appel, another Hollander from an Amsterdam family.[2] This child, a son named Theunis, was later adopted by the Bothas. His descendants include:[4]

  • Louis Botha (1862–1919), first Prime Minister of South Africa, often referred to as "General Botha"
  • Pieter Willem "P.W." Botha (1916–2006), South African prime minister from 1978 to 1984 and state president from 1984 to 1989

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