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Bothwell was a federal and provincial electoral district in the Canadian province of Ontario, which was represented in the Canadian House of Commons from 1867 to 1904 and in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 1867 to 1875. It is sometimes also considered one of Ontario's historic counties, as it was listed in some post-Confederation census records as a county of residence.

Federal district[edit]

At its creation in 1867, Bothwell consisted of the Kent County townships of Bothwell, Camden, Dresden, Howard, Orford, Ridgetown, Thamesville and Zone, and the Lambton County townships of Dawn, Euphemia and Sombra. In 1882, the Townships of Euphemia, Orford and Howard were excluded from the riding, and the township of Chatham, the villages of Wallaceburg, Dresden and Thamesville, and the town of Bothwell were added to the riding.

The electoral district was abolished in 1903 when it was redistributed between Kent East, Kent West, Simcoe East and Simcoe South ridings.

Provincial district[edit]

The provincial district was divided between Kent West and Kent East in 1875.

Members of Parliament[edit]

This riding elected the following members of the Canadian House of Commons:

  1. David Mills, Liberal - 1867-1882
  2. John Joseph Hawkins, Conservative - 1882-1884 (election voided on appeal)
  3. David Mills, Liberal - 1884-1896
  4. James Clancy, Conservative - 1896-1903

Members of the Legislative Assembly[edit]

The riding elected the following member to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

  1. Archibald McKellar, Ontario Liberal Party - 1867-1875

Election results[edit]

Canadian federal election, 1867
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal David Mills 1,333
Conservative David Glass 1,224
Canadian federal election, 1872
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal MILLS, David 1,727
Unknown ATKINSON, C.R. 1,135
Canadian federal election, 1874
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal MILLS, David 1,600
Unknown DOBBYN, ? 1,137

Mr. David Mills was appointed Minister of the Interior and Superintendent General of Indian Affairs, 24 October 1876:

By-election on 15 November 1876
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal MILLS, David 1,650
Unknown DAWSON, James 1,142
Canadian federal election, 1878
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal MILLS, David 1,852
Liberal–Conservative HAWKINS, John Joseph
Canadian federal election, 1882
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal–Conservative HAWKINS, John Joseph 1,520
Liberal MILLS, David 1,504

Election declared void Mr. J.J. Hawkins was declared not duly elected and was unseated by judgement of Supreme Court. The seat was awarded to his opponent, 25 February 1884:

By-election on 25 February 1884
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal MILLS, David
Canadian federal election, 1887
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal MILLS, David 2,182
Conservative MITCHELL, Geo. M.D. 2,161
Canadian federal election, 1891
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal MILLS, David 2,006
Conservative LANGFORD, G.R. 1,456
Unknown MCLARTEY, A. 1,088
Canadian federal election, 1896
Party Candidate Votes
Conservative CLANCY, James 2,587
Liberal MILLS, David 2,528
Canadian federal election, 1900
Party Candidate Votes
Conservative CLANCY, James 2,547
Liberal GORDON, David A. 2,430

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