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Botinec is a neighborhood located in Novi Zagreb - zapad city district of Zagreb, Croatia. It is famous for having its streets named after famous character from Croatian theater plays and novels. It was founded in 1965 as a refugee camp after the 1964 flood, owing its rectangular street grid to the era of building Novi Zagreb (called Južni Zagreb – Southern Zagreb at the time).[1] It was away from the city and away from Sava River, with barracks meant to serve as a camp only for up to six years, but the houses were eventually bought by the tenants and upgraded. Nonetheless, Botinec remains a neighborhood bearing the scar of the flood.[2] Botinec is divided in two parts: Old Botinec and New Botinec. According to the 2001 census, Botinec had 4,906 inhabitants.[3]


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Coordinates: 45°45′19.16″N 15°56′8.33″E / 45.7553222°N 15.9356472°E / 45.7553222; 15.9356472