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Country India
State Jammu and Kashmir
District Baramulla
Subdistrict Sopore
Time zone IST (UTC+05:30)
Pincode 193201

Botingoo is a village in the Zaingair area of Baramulla District in Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is one of the largest villages of Zaingair. It is surrounded by other villages including Mundji, Muqam, Magraypora, Hathlangoo and Watlab.


Some of the village revenue comes from agriculture. In addition to agriculture, most of the population is also concerned with the making of fire pots (Kanger) which accounts for more than half of the income of the village.Besides this fruit business is also of the main occupation of the village.


There are many shrines (Astans) in the village. These include Syed Sahib and Baba Sahab. There is also a famous shrine of Baba Shukur-ud-Din on the northeast side of the village.


Respected local schools include the "Model Public High School Botingoo" and Govt. Higher Secondary Institute Botingoo.


There are five mosques in the village including "Dar-ul-Salaam Markazi Jamia Masjid Botingoo" and Friday prayer is offered in three mosques. 2nd Mosque, Masjid Sabeel ur Rashad, 3rd. Masjid Usman Malla Mohalla, 4th Masjid Umar, Masjid Ibraheem, Syed Sahab Masjid Botingoo.


The "Nahri-Zaingair" flows through the village, enabling agricultural irrigation to the area.

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