Botryoidal Spring

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Botryoidal Spring
Botryoidal Spring (White Creek Group) (11 August 2013) 1 (12292646313).jpg
Location Lower Geyser Basin,
Yellowstone National Park,
Teton County, Wyoming
Coordinates 44°32′06″N 110°47′58″W / 44.534882°N 110.7995285°W / 44.534882; -110.7995285Coordinates: 44°32′06″N 110°47′58″W / 44.534882°N 110.7995285°W / 44.534882; -110.7995285[1]
Elevation 7,335 feet (2,236 m)
Type Geyser
Eruption height 10 feet (3.0 m)[2]
Frequency 3-5 minutes[2]
Duration one minute[2]
Temperature 42.2 °C (108.0 °F)[1]

Botryoidal Spring is a geyser in the Lower Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park in the United States.

Botryoidal Spring is part of the White Creek Group which includes A-0 Geyser and Spindle Geyser. As its name indicates, Botryoidal Spring was originally a hot spring (and botryoidal means 'bubbly'). In 1996, seismic activity caused to change from a sparkling spring into an explosive geyser.

It erupts for a duration of about one minute with an interval of around 3–5 minutes between eruptions. The fountain reaches a height of 10 feet (3 m).[2]

Immediately after an eruption the pool is totally quiet. An eruption starts with no warning, most beginning with a blue bubble caused by immense steam bubbles forming below.


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