Botswana College of Agriculture

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Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (BUAN)
Motto Work and ProsperR
Type Public
Established 31 May 1991
Location Botswana Botswana
24°35′29″S 25°56′29″E / 24.5914°S 25.9415°E / -24.5914; 25.9415Coordinates: 24°35′29″S 25°56′29″E / 24.5914°S 25.9415°E / -24.5914; 25.9415
Campus Content Farm, Sebele (12km north of Gaborone city centre), Botswana

BCA is an agricultural college located in Gaborone, Botswana. It was established by an act of the Parliament of Botswana, Act no. 9, on 31 May 1991. The act abolished the then Botswana Agricultural College (BAC) which had existed since 1967.[1]

The college is a parastatal under the Ministry of Agriculture and an associate institution of the University of Botswana. As an associate institution it offers UB higher diploma and degree programmes in agricultural sciences, while its responsible on its own for short courses offered by its Centre for In-service and Continuing Education (CICE).[1]


The college has six academic departments, four support departments and eight support units.[2]

Academic departments

  • Agricultural Economics Education & Extension.
  • Agricultural Engineering & Land Planning.
  • Animal Science & Production.
  • Basic Sciences.
  • Food Science & Technology.
  • Crop Science & Production.


The college offers Diplomas, Bachelor Degrees and Master degrees[3]

Diploma programs

  • Higher Diploma in Agriculture.
  • Higher Diploma in Animal Health and Production.
  • Higher Diploma in Forestry and Range Ecology.

Bachelor's degree programs

  • Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Education).
  • Bachelor of Science (Animal Science).
  • Bachelor of Science (Agriculture).
  • Bachelor of Science (Crop Science).
  • Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Mechanisation).
  • Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Economics).
  • Bachelor of Science (Soil and Water Conservation Engineering).

Master's degree programs

  • Master of Science (Agricultural Education).
  • Master of Science (Agricultural Engineering).
  • Master of Science (Animal Science).
  • Master of Science (Crop Science).


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