Botswana National Museum

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Botswana National Museum
National Museum and Art Gallery
OxCart on display at Botswana National Museum.jpg
Oxcart on display at Botswana National Museum
Botswana National Museum is located in Botswana
Botswana National Museum
Location within Botswana
LocationGaborone, Botswana
Coordinates24°39′23″S 25°55′10″E / 24.6565°S 25.9195°E / -24.6565; 25.9195
Collection sizeHistory of Botswana
DirectorMr. Gaogakwe Phorano

The Botswana National Museum, also known as the National Museum and Art Gallery, is located in the Botswana capital of Gaborone and is a multi-disciplinary institution that includes the National Art Gallery and Octagon Gallery,[1] as well as—since November 2007—the National Botanical Garden.[2] It displays traditional Botswana crafts and paintings and aims to celebrate the work of local artists.[3]

The museum is also involved with the preservation of Tsodilo, the country's first world heritage area,[4] among other efforts.[5] It is the caretaker of Tsholofelo Park, the burial place of the "negro of Banyoles," known as "El Negro" in Botswana, following the body's return from the Darder Museum of Banyoles, in Spain.[6]

The museum was established in 1967 via an Act of Parliament and it officially opened to the public in 1968. The museum celebrated a year-long 40th anniversary in 2008 under the banner of "Museum as Agents of Social Change and Development", mirroring that used by the International Council of Museums.[7]

Gallery of the National Museum of Botswana[edit]


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