Botteghe Oscure

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Botteghe Oscure
Categoriesliterary journal
FounderMarguerite Caetani
Year founded1948
Final issue1960
Based inRome
LanguageItalian, French, English, German, Spanish

Botteghe Oscure was a literary journal that was published and edited in Rome by Marguerite Caetani (Princess di Bassiano) from 1948 to 1960.

History and profile[edit]

Botteghe Oscure was established in 1948.[1][2] The magazine was named after via delle Botteghe Oscure (Latin: Ad Apothecas Obscuras), where the editorial office was located;[1] during the Middle Ages the street's "dark shops" came to be installed under the dark arches of the Circus Flaminius (illustration of a street sign).

The review was published twice a year with poetry and prose in five languages (Italian, French and English, and alternating issues featuring German and Spanish-language segments. It was distributed in the United States through Farrar, Straus & Young and the Gotham Book Mart.[3]

Giorgio Bassani was an editor. Later Eugene Walter moved from Paris to Rome to edit the magazine for Marguerite Chapin Caetani who also founded and edited the magazine.[2] The publication of the magazine ended in 1960.[1][2]

Apothecas Obscuras.jpg

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