Bou Hajla

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Bou Hajla
sidi umar bou hajla
Commune and town
Country Tunisia
GovernorateKairouan Governorate
 • Total7,940
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)

Bou Hajla is a town and commune in the Kairouan Governorate, Tunisia. As of 2004 it had a population of 6,002.[1]

Canadian oil and gas producer DualEx Energy International Inc said an initial evaluation of its Bouhajla Permit in Tunisia showed a reserve of more than one billion barrels (160,000,000 m3) of petroleum in place.[2] The company said the evaluation showed a combined best estimate of 1.03 billion barrels (164,000,000 m3) of petroleum in place at its three Bouhajla prospects.[2]

With an initial investment of 5,200,000 Tunisian dinars, this permit is a partnership between Tunisia DualEx Inc. and the Tunisian Company of Petroleum Activities for the production of oil and gas from the site.[2]

The town lacks previous industrial developments and has a higher-than-average unemployment rate.

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Coordinates: 35°12′21″N 10°07′29″E / 35.20583°N 10.12472°E / 35.20583; 10.12472