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بوارج Bouarij
Bouarij is located in Lebanon
Location in Lebanon
Coordinates: 33°49′N 35°50′E / 33.817°N 35.833°E / 33.817; 35.833Coordinates: 33°49′N 35°50′E / 33.817°N 35.833°E / 33.817; 35.833
Country  Lebanon
Governorate Beqaa Governorate
District Zahle District
Population (2006)
 • Total 1,235
Time zone EST (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) +3 (UTC)

Bouarij, Bouarej, Bouârej, Buariji or Bwareg is a village located on the eastern side of the Church Mountain, Beqaa. The municipality of Bouarej is located in the Kaza of Zahleh one of Mohafazah of Beqaa kazas (districts), one of the eight mohafazats (governorates) of Lebanon.

Population, Voters, Local Authorities and Skills[edit]

The municipality of Bouarej is one of the 910 Lebanese municipalities which have an elected municipal council, (See Municipal Council, rules and skills) for six years by direct universal suffrage. (for example in Beyrouth (Beirut), 24 members of the municipal council are elected). The municipality of Bouarej is an independent local administration. It has the administrative and financial independence within the framework of its powers, but remains under the control and supervision of the central government.

The Municipality counted (estimation) 1,235 residents. The population follow Sunni Islam.[1] In the last municipal Lebanese elections of 2004, Bouarej counted 1,905 registered voters of which 1,141 actual voters.


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