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Saut du Bouchot.jpg
The Saut du Bouchot
Country France
Basin features
Main source Massif des Vosges
River mouth Moselotte
Progression MoselotteMoselleRhineNorth Sea
Basin size 56.9 km2 (22.0 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 18.1 km (11.2 mi)
  • Average rate:
    1.96 m3/s (69 cu ft/s)

The Bouchot is a river in the French region of Lorraine which flows in the Vosges department. It is a right tributary of the Moselotte, and thus a sub-tributary of the Rhine via the Moselotte and the Moselle.


The Bouchot rises in the Massif des Vosges, on a flank of the Tête de Grouvelin, a peak located within the commune of Gérardmer in the Bas-Rupts section. The Bouchot is thus also known as the ruisseau des Hauts-Rupts from its source to its confluence with the ruisseau des Bas-Rupts. It flows through Rochesson, follows Gerbamont, then flows into Sapois where the ruisseau de Menaurupt joins its right bank. After flowing though Vagney, it joins the right bank of the Moselotte.

At Gerbamont, it cascades at the Saut du Bouchot, a waterfall that is 28 metres (92 ft) high.


The hydrological discharge of the Bouchot, measured at its confluence with the Moselle, is 1.96 cubic metres per second (69 cu ft/s) for a watershed of 56.9 square kilometres (22.0 sq mi).[1] The runoff curve number in the watershed is 1,086 millimetres (42.8 in), which is very high, a characteristic shared with other rivers in the Vosges region. It is more than three times higher than the average for France including all basins, and also larger by a wide margin than the French basin of the Moselle, which is 445 millimetres (17.5 in) at Hauconcourt downstream of Metz[2] ). The Bouchot's specific flow rate thus comes in very high, at 34.45 litres per second per square kilometre of watershed.

Main tributaries[edit]

  • Ruisseau des Bas Rupts
  • Ruisseau de Creusegoutte
  • Ruisseau de Noire-goutte
  • Goutte de Jossonfaing
  • Goutte de Battion
  • Goutte de Plainfaing
  • Goutte de Frimont
  • Goutte du Herray
  • Ruisseau de Peute-goutte
  • Goutte Mathias
  • Ruisseau de Menaurupt
  • Ruisseau des Naufaings

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Coordinates: 48°00′N 6°42′E / 48.000°N 6.700°E / 48.000; 6.700