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Boudouaou, during French colonialism known as L'Alma (or Alma) is a town in the western part of Boumerdès, Algeria. It is a coastal town on the Mediterranean Sea. Its population in 1998 was 42,500.[1]

The original name is thought to be bou-dhou-aou, Arabic for illuminator in reference to a small insect the size of a beetle which at night shows beautiful brilliant green light in its tail.[citation needed]


The wilaya of Boumerdes represents an archaeological treasure by the multitude of historical sites that its vast territory of 1 456,16 km2 shelters.

Several prehistoric vestiges were discovered during the period of occupation. With the arrival of the colonizers and the project of colonization on the lands of Boudouaou, many prehistoric vestiges under the occupation were discovered: rhinoceros bones house in the Musée de l'Homme in Paris, a bronze axe, flint Retouched and prehistoric arrows are examples of discoveries already made.

Boudouaou is located on medium-altitude terrain that forms the current low Kabylie-Arabo-Musulmane, of which the town of Boumerdes is the chief town.

The mausoleum of Blad Guitoun, in the commune of Si Mustapha, is an illustrative example of the archaeological sites which were still apparent in low Arab-Muslim kabylie, at the beginning of the French colonization from 1837.

The Bénian ntâa Soumâa, in the commune of Thénia, is another archaeological site that had been marvelously preserved until the middle of the 19th century.

It should be noted that the Berber, Roman and Turkish Arab populations who lived around these archaeological sites before French colonization preserved this cultural and identity heritage.

The location of these archaeological sites on the banks and banks of Wadi Isser and Wadi Sébaou, as well as on the Mediterranean coast, makes it possible to classify the wilaya of Boumerdès among the rich archaeological niches in Algeria.

During the past centuries, the various floods and floods of the Wadi Isser and Wadi Sébaou (wadis of Lower Kabylie) caused the overflow of these rivers and buried the numid cities under the silt and the mud Carried by the torrents. Indeed, under a depth of about 3 meters, several discoveries in the wilaya of Boumerdès, of which numerous remains and archaeological sites, were uncovered in 2009.

In the village of Beni H'mida, in the commune of Leghata, retains a statue found alongside a metal dish, relics of pottery and human bones. A pitcher containing more than 900 silver coins engraved in the name of "Bolokine Abderrahmane", was discovered in Ouriacha village, in the commune of Naciria (Laâziv Zaâmoum).

In the village of Titouna of Souk El Had, a polished stone in the shape of a chest, engraved on its face with a metalworking scene, was also discovered at 3 meters underground during construction work, and was deposited at the level of The "wilayale" direction of culture in Boumerdès.[2]



The town re-elected mayor Yahya Mahsas at the end of 2007 for 5 years, replaced by Mekki Hamoud in 2012.

Maires et Présidents de l'assemblée populaire communale (APC) de Boudouaou de 1962 à nos jours
Prénom et nom Début du Mandat Fin du Mandat
Référendum d'autodétermination 19 mars 1962 06 août 1962
Délégation communale spéciale 06 août 1962 20 septembre 1962
1er Zerabib Dahmane_Tamchichat Brahim. délégation spéciale de la commune de L'ALMA après l'indépendance de L'ALGERIE. 20 septembre 1962 16 mai 1963
2e Abai Omar jusqu'au 5 février 1967 (date de la première élection municipale en Algerie). 16 mai 1963 05 février 1967
3e Mahsas Saad Abdenour (premier président de L'Assemblée Populaire Communale de BOUDOUAOU département D'ALGER°. 05 février 1967 02 juillet 1974
4e Mahsas Saad Abdenour 02 juillet 1974 25 février 1977
5e Belkadi Mohamed ( puis remplacé par Kara M'hamed). 25 février 1977 05 mars 1982
6e Ghaimi Mustapha 05 mars 1982 26 février 1987
7e Ghaimi Mustapha 26 février 1987 12 juin 1990
8e Foudad Lounès

(remplacé par BELKACEMI mohamed) maire de la première élection pluralisme en Algérie d'appartenance politique FRONT ISLAMIQUE DE SALUT (F.I.S.) actuellement dissous.

12 juin 1990 29 mars 1992
9e Amrioui farouk président d'exécutif communal (DEC) après la suspension des élections législatives de décembre1991. 29 mars 1992 Fin de l'année 1994
10e Benchouk Boualem (Président d'exécutive communale (DEC). Fin de l'année 1994 Fin de l'année 1996
11e Kebir Abderrahmane Président d'exécutive communale Fin de l'année 1996 23 octobre 1997
12e Kebir Abderrahmane jusqu’à novembre 2000 et remplacé par Slandji Mohamed ( premier mandat après la reprise des élections des assemblées populaires communales après leurs suspension en janvier 1992. 23 octobre 1997 10 octobre 2002
13e Mahsas Yahia 10 octobre 2002 29 novembre 2007
14e Mahsas Yahia 29 novembre 2007 29 novembre 2012
15e Mekki Hamoud (dit Farid). 29 novembre 2012 2017

Main cities[edit]

There are several villages in Boudouaou. The well known among them are:

  • LACACE ar لاصاص
  • BENADJAL ar بن عجال
  • GHOUALEM ar الغوالم
  • EL-NCHITE ar النشيط
  • BEN MERZOUGA ar بن مرزوقة
  • BEN YAMINA ar بن يامينة


Coordinates: 36°44′N 3°25′E / 36.73°N 3.41°E / 36.73; 3.41