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Boudreaux and Thibodeaux are jokes which make fun of slow-witted Cajuns.[1] These jokes are common tradition to the Southern Louisiana region.[2]


Boudreaux and Thibodeaux are two fictional but humorous characters from Southern Louisiana experiencing life's trials and tribulations. Boudreaux has a wife named Marie and a dog named Phideaux and Thibodeaux has a wife named Clotile.[3] Similar jokes can be found with Ole and Lena jokes mocking Minnesotans and Zeke and Zeb jokes mocking Midwesterners.[1] The jokes can be a few sentences long but can also be longer in length.


  • "When Boudreaux got home yesterday, Clotile ran out to him saying, "The car got water in the carburetor!", "How you know that, you?", "Cause it's parked in the Bayou!""[4]
  • "Boudreaux was walking down the wharf and he met up with Thibodaux. He says to Thibodaux, "Hey podna, how y'all are?" Thibodaux says, "Mais OK." Boudreaux says, "And how's your wife?" Thibodaux says, "Mais my wifes an angel." Boudreaux says, "You lucky, my wifes still living!""

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