Bougainville counterattack

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Bougainville counterattack
Part of Bougainville Campaign, Pacific War
A US Army 75mm Howitzer firing at a Japanese position during the fighting in March 1944
A US Army 75mm Howitzer firing at a Japanese position in March 1944
Date 8–25 March 1944
Location Bougainville Island
Result Allied victory
Empire of Japan Empire of Japan United States United States
Fiji Colony of Fiji
Commanders and leaders
Harukichi Hyakutake Oscar Griswold
Units involved
17th Army XIV Corps
15,400–19,000 men 62,000 men
Casualties and losses
At least 3,500 killed
5,500 wounded[1]
263 killed[2]

The Bougainville counterattack was an unsuccessful Japanese offensive against the Allied base at Empress Augusta Bay, Bougainville Island during the Pacific War. The Japanese attack began on 8 March 1944 after months of preparations, but was repulsed by United States Army forces in fighting which lasted until the 25th of the month. The Allied defenders greatly outnumbered the Japanese force, and inflicted severe casualties on the attackers while taking relatively few losses. This battle was the final major Japanese offensive in the Solomon Islands campaign, though fighting continued on Bougainville until the end of the war in August 1945.


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