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The Boulder Strip gaming market is a division used by the Nevada Gaming Commission for a segment of the casino industry in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. The region is named for the Boulder Highway which is the dominant highway in the region.

The American Gaming Association lists Boulder Strip as #10 out of the top 20 US Casino Markets by annual revenue, just ahead of Reno/Sparks, Nev.[1]

Gaming Revenue of Boulder Strip Casinos[edit]

The Nevada Gaming Commission revenue as listed in the annual gaming abstract for fiscal year 2008 (1 July 2007 through 31 June 2008).[2] Equivalent figures for Downtown gaming Las Vegas are shown for comparison. Licenses in Boulder Strip are only reported in one group. All 32 casinos make more than $1 M in gaming revenue annually.

Las Vegas Downtown vs. the Boulder Strip Casinos
Annual gaming revenue
Boulder Strip all Downtown Over $12 m Under $12 m
Pit $83,729,046 Pit $135,223,563 $3,655,995
Slots $795,635,991 Slots $462,772,641 $20,907,383
Poker $11,982,658 Poker $8,656,695
Race $12,118,815 Race $3,157,740
Sports $14,563,378 Sports $4,489,416
Total $918,029,888 Total $614,300,055 $24,563,378
Number of Casinos 32 Number of Casinos 11 5
Average / Gaming $28,688,434 Average / Gaming $55,845,460 $4,912,676
Average / Non-Gaming $10,317,064 Average / Non Gaming $44,182,844 $3,164,262

The Boulder Strip market is more dependent on slot machines than Downtown Las Vegas. The casinos are mostly oriented toward locals. Race and Sports book are more important. The entire Boulder Strip market (gaming and non-gaming) is a little smaller than the revenue generated by the Las Vegas properties of Wynn Resorts.

List of Boulder Strip casinos[edit]

The Nevada Gaming Commission has stretched the definition of the Boulder Strip so that includes not just the Boulder Hwy., but all of the casinos in the city of Henderson.

Gaming Licenses for Boulder followed by square footage of the casino. Since the 32 casinos include many very tiny casinos often with only slot machines, only those casinos with square footage over 10,000 sq ft (930 m2). are listed. Those casinos with gaming revenue over $72 M in fiscal year 2008 are shown.

Boulder Strip Casinos Over 10,000 sq ft (930 m2).
LOC # NAME SQ. FT. Over $72M
16690-01 Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa 133,659 >$72M
27038-01 Sunset Station 133,409
17503-01 Sam's Town Hotel and Gambling Hall, Las Vegas 126,681
19166-03 Boulder Station 89,443
03274-02 Fiesta Henderson 73,450 <$72M
01018-07 Arizona Charlie's Boulder 47,541
00780-04 Jokers Wild Casino 23,698
16327-03 Montelago at Lake Las Vegas 22,000
16017-03 Eldorado Casino 17,756
15322-04 Hacienda Hotel and Casino 17,275
16017-03 Eastside Cannery Hotel and Casino* 15,000
00210-01 Railroad Pass Hotel and Casino 12,803
03659-03 Club Fortune Casino 11,250
  • The Eastside Cannery Hotel and Casino had not opened up its new building by this time. The casino has now been expanded to 65,000 square feet (6,000 m2).

The total revenue (gaming and non-gaming) for the 32 casinos was $1248 million. Individual revenues for casinos is difficult to know with certainty since many companies are private and do not report revenue, or they are public, but only report revenue for groups of casinos. From the NGC abstract we know that the top eight casinos collectively took in between $858 million and $1147 million with an individual minimum of $37 million. From the square footage of the casino floor, number of machines and gaming tables, general quality of the resort and an SEC report that said that Arizona Charlie's Boulder took in $48m in revenue in one year, one can assume that the top eight are the first eight in the above list.

Green Valley Ranch, Sunset Station, Boulder Station, and Sam's Town are the four largest casinos with roughly 2,500 slot machines apiece. Casino Montelago at Lake Las Vegas caters to tourists at the upscale resorts in Lake Las Vegas. Fiesta Henderson and Arizona Charlie's Boulder are the next in size. Eastside Cannery was under construction during the time period of the report (July 1, 2007 - June 30, 2008) so their revenue numbers represented the Nevada Palace, an older casino on the site. Joker's Wild and Eldorado Casino are both owned by Boyd gaming, and Joker's Wild is slightly larger with 30 more slot machines and a poker room.

For the first 11 months of the last fiscal year gaming revenue is down 9.32% vs. 13.9% for Clark County as a whole partly because the Eastside Cannery Resort opened this fiscal year.

There are less than 3,000 rooms associated with all of these casinos so that non-gaming revenue consists of mostly food and beverages plus lease fees to secondary businesses like bowling alleys. The five largest of these casinos have a cinema attached to the complex leaving only the aging Cinedome Henderson which opened in 1993 as the only free standing first run cinema in Henderson.


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