Boulder Towers

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Boulder Towers
East Tower & West Tower
General information
Type Office[1]
Location 1437 South Boulder Avenue,[1] Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
Completed 1960 (West Tower)[2]
1980 (East Tower)[3]
Opening 1960 (West Tower)[2]
1980 (East Tower)[3]
Roof 253 ft (77 m)[2]
Technical details
Floor count 15[1]

Boulder Towers is a large commercial building complex in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The complex consists of two twin high-rise buildings, Boulder Towers East Tower and Boulder Towers West Tower,[3] which both rise 253 feet (77 m).[2] Each building contains 15 floors.[1] The complex was originally constructed in 1960, consisting of only the West Tower; the East Tower was constructed in 1980.[3] The Boulder Towers currently stand as the tallest twin towers in Tulsa and the state of Oklahoma. In addition, they are currently tied as the 12th-tallest buildings in the city, and the 26th-tallest buildings in the state. The Boulder Towers are the 6th-tallest modern style skyscrapers in the city, behind the Cityplex Tower, the First Place Tower, the University Club Tower, Cityplex West Tower and the Liberty Towers complex.

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