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Bouleuterion of Priene.

A bouleuterion (Greek: βουλευτήριον) was a building which housed the council of citizens (boule) in Ancient Greece. There are several extant remains of bouleuterion around Greece and former Greek territories of ancient times.

The boule, a basic institution of the ancient city-state (polis) in historical times, consisted of the citizens' representatives who assembled in order to confer and decide about public affairs. The word bouleuterion is composed from Greek boule (council) and the suffix -terion (place for doing something).


Bouleuterion ruins in Olympia.

The bouleuterion at Olympia, Greece, is the building where the administration took place. It is shaped as early Greek temples were shaped in a kind of square horse-shoe and it has tiered seating arrangement. The bouleuterion was near the Agora.


Coordinates: 37°58′31″N 23°43′18″E / 37.975166°N 23.7218041°E / 37.975166; 23.7218041

The boule, (Greek: βουλή), better known as the council of 500, was the city council of ancient Athens. The bouleuterion therefore is the building the council speaks in. It was located in the Ancient Agora of Athens.

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