Boulevard de Magenta

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Boulevard de Magenta
View of boulevard de Magenta
Boulevard de Magenta is located in Paris
Boulevard de Magenta
Shown within Paris
Length 1,920 m (6,300 ft)
Width 30 m (98 ft)
Arrondissement 9th, 10th
Quarter quartier Saint-Vincent-de-Paul quartier de la Porte-Saint-Denis quartier de la Porte-Saint-Martin
Coordinates 48°52′32″N 2°21′24″E / 48.87556°N 2.35667°E / 48.87556; 2.35667Coordinates: 48°52′32″N 2°21′24″E / 48.87556°N 2.35667°E / 48.87556; 2.35667
From place de la République
To boulevard de la Chapelle
Completion 1855 and 1859
Denomination 1855

The boulevard de Magenta is located in the Ninth and Tenth arrondissements of Paris, France.

It begins at place de la République and 1, rue Beaurepaire, and ends at 1, boulevard de Rochechouart and 53, boulevard de la Chapelle.

An immeuble de rapport on the boulevard de Magenta


It is named after the battle of Magenta, a battle fought on 4 June 1859 near Magenta in Italy. It was a victory by the Piedmontais of the kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia and by the French armée d'Italie under general Patrice de MacMahon and Napoléon III over the Austrians under Guylay.


The creation of the boulevard de Magenta was part of the Hausmannian transformation of Paris. It was completed in 1855 between rue du Faubourg-Saint-Martin and the boulevard de Rochechouart (the boulevard here in fact follows the route of the old rue du Nord which formed a part of an 1827 subdivision) and in 1859 between place de la République and rue du Faubourg-Saint-Martin.



RER station[edit]

The RER station Magenta is located to the east of the gare du Nord and named after this boulevard, even if it is not truly under it. It is served by RER line E.



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