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Boulevard Marguerite-de-Rochechouart

Coordinates: 48°52′59″N 2°20′43″E / 48.88306°N 2.34528°E / 48.88306; 2.34528
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The boulevard in 1883
The boulevard in 2011

The Boulevard Marguerite-de-Rochechouart is a street in Paris, France, situated at the foot of Montmartre and to its south. Like the neighbouring street, it is named after Marguerite de Rochechouart de Montpipeau (1665–1727), abbess of Montmartre. It is a result of the 1864 merging of the boulevards and chemins de ronde which followed the interior and exterior of the Wall of the Farmers-General. It has also been known as the boulevard des Poissonniers, chemin de ronde de Poissonnière and chemin de ronde de Rochechouart. It is served by the Paris Metro stations Pigalle, Anvers and Barbès – Rochechouart.


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48°52′59″N 2°20′43″E / 48.88306°N 2.34528°E / 48.88306; 2.34528