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For the type of road, see Boulevard.

Boulevards is a network of city guides on the Internet established in 1994 by Boulevards New Media Inc., an early digital media pioneer. It preceded other city guide networks such as Citysearch and Microsoft's now-defunct product, which launched under a similarly metaphorical brand and may have been influenced by Boulevards.

The network includes city guides operated at the dotcom version of city names in 60 percent of the Top 20 U.S. cities. Among Boulevards' properties are,,,,,,,,, and


The company was founded in 1994 by Dan Pulcrano, who remains its CEO. At first, the sites emphasized directories of arts and entertainment, dining and community information in the style of the alternative press, along with original content. An early editor was Larry Smith, of Six-Word Memoirs fame. Its first interface was designed by Dutch typographer Erik van Blokland.

A year later, Boulevards acquired a portfolio of city names that included, and other major city domains. Other acquisitions followed. The company today owns the dotcom version of the names of the majority of the 20 most populous cities in the United States.

In 2002, the sites began to emphasize travel and dining content and provided booking links to travel-related commerce services. In 2005, Boulevards acquired the popular San Francisco city guide SF Station and further expanded its content offerings. The company also that year acquired a controlling interest in the service now known as In 2007, Boulevards' large city sites added business directories and calendars of events that allowed community-contributed events and listings to be added. Boulevards also operates community news and opinion websites such as San Jose Inside in San Jose, California.

Boulevards is based in San Jose, California.

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