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Directed byDenis Olivieri
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes114 (78 five - minute and 36 seven-minute ones)
Running time23 minutes (approx.)
Original release1989 –

Bouli is an animated television series originally produced in France between 1989 until 1991.


The Moon magically brings Bouli the snowman and his snowman friends to life and keeps them from melting.

All the snowmen live in a picturesque village hidden in the woods. Bouli's main goal in life is to be good to others, to help them, to smile and to involve them in a variety of activities and adventures, including sea voyages, skiing, ice skating, cooking, playing music, etc.

Bouli as well as all his friends are lovable and easily identifiable characters for children: the Sailor, the Footballer, the Tennis Player, the Trader, the Cook and Bouli's two closest friends: Bouli girl whom he loves, and a big bear who sleeps, snores and eats cakes.



The series originally aired in France between 1989 and 1990.

The show was also broadcast in several other countries.

The series is still frequently repeated in many places, especially in France.

VHS and DVD releases[edit]

A French DVD box set of the series was produced in the 2000s. An English DVD release was never made.

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