Bouloussou Soubramanion Sastroulou

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Bouloussou Soubramaniem Sastroulou
Bouloussou Soubramaniam Sastroulou.jpg
Conseiller Local
In office
10 June 1928 – 1934
Preceded byKalla Vingata-Rattinom
Succeeded byTota Narasinhassoimy
Assesseur à Cour Criminelle de Yanaon
In office
Preceded byFranz Ignace
Succeeded bySamatom Latchimi Narassaya
Assesseur à Cour Criminelle de Yanaon
In office
Preceded byMohamed Saléha
Succeeded byMohamed Saléha
Personal details
Born1866 c.a or 1873c.a
 Yanaon, Inde Française, Empire Colonial Français
Died13 September 1941
 Yanaon, Inde française
Political partyParti Bapanaya-Samatom
Spouse(s)Boulousou Souryapracassamma (Bulusu Suryaprakasamma)
ChildrenJaganatha Sastry, Lakshminarayana Muorty and Satyanarayanamourty
ResidenceYanaon, Inde française

Bouloussou Soubramania Sastroulou (Bulusu Subrahmaṇya Śāstrulu; 1866–1941) was Diwan, Conseiller local and Judge Advocate during French colonial rule in Yanam in the early 20th century.


Soubramania Sastroulou was born in Yanam in 1866 and was raised by his maternal grandmother, Veerubhotla Mahalakshmamma (వీరుభొట్ల మహలక్ష్మమ్మ Vīrubhoţla Mahalakṣhmamma). He was born to Bouloussou Zagannadha Sastroulou (జగన్నాథశాస్త్రులు Jagannāthaśāstrulu) through his second wife, Boulousou Vincatanarasamma (వెంకటనరసమ్మ Věnkaţanarsamma). He was third one among seven sons. Later, he was a prominent personality in Yanam during French rule in the early 20th century.[citation needed]

Political career[edit]

Sastroulou was one of Bezawada Bapa Naidou's four councillors in the "Conseil Local de Yanaon" between 1928 and 1931 and later on under Kamichetty Venugopala Rao Naidou from 1931–1934. He had been one of the Judge Advocate (Assesseur) for the Criminal court of Yanaon and worked as Diwan for Manyam Zamindar before being elected as Councillor.[citation needed]

He was married to Bouloussou Souryapracassamma (సూర్యప్రకాశమ్మ Sūryaprakāśamma), the sister of former minister of Madras and Andhra Pradesh, Kala Venkata Rao. The couple had three sons.[citation needed]


Sastroulou died at his ancestral house at Yanaon, situated in ruelle de Zalidinquy (Jaladanki street), Yanaon on 13 September 1941.[citation needed]

Titles Held[edit]

  • Diwan of Manyam Zamindari of Yanaon, from 1888 to 1941
  • Judge Advocate (Assesseur) for Criminal Court of Yanaon during 1917, 1918, 1919, 1920 and 1934

Offices held[edit]

Government offices
Preceded by
KALLA Vingata-Rattinom
Conseiller local de Yanaon
10 June 1928–1934
Succeeded by
TOTA Narasinhassoimy

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  • The Telugus of Yanam and Masulipatnam: From French rule to Integration with India (2007), by J B Prashant More.