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Various bouncy balls

A bouncy ball, power ball or super ball is a popular polybutadiene rubber toy ball which rebounds proportionally to the amount of force used when thrown at a hard surface. The first such ball was the proprietary Super Ball. The Sky Ball is an example of another bouncy ball. Bouncy balls can often bounce over three stories high and can also be thrown against a wall and caught when bouncing back.[1]

In some countries, for example the United States and Denmark, they are often sold from bulk vending machines for 25 cents or more.


The Bouncy ball was invented by a California chemist named Norman Stingley. In 1965, Stingley spent his spare time experimenting with rubber. He compressed various scraps of synthetic rubber together under about 3500 pounds per square inch of pressure. The result was a compressed rubber ball with an extreme resilience and high bounce.[2]



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