Boundary Range

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Boundary Range
Boundary Mountains
Highest point
Coordinates 57°05′N 131°51′W / 57.083°N 131.850°W / 57.083; -131.850Coordinates: 57°05′N 131°51′W / 57.083°N 131.850°W / 57.083; -131.850
Area 114 km2 (44 sq mi)
Countries Canada and United States
States/Provinces British Columbia and Alaska
Parent range Boundary Ranges

The Boundary Range, formerly known as the Boundary Mountains, is a subrange of the similarly named but much larger Boundary Ranges which run most of the length of the border between British Columbia, Canada, and Alaska, United States. The range lies west of the lower Stikine River between the Mud (S) and Flood Glaciers (N).

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