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Prince Bounkhong
Died July 26, 1920(1920-07-26)
Luang Phrabang
Full name
Prince Chao Maha Oupahat Bounkhong
Father Souvanna Phomma

Prince Bounkhong, the father of Prince Souvanna Phomma, was the last uparaja of Luang Phrabang. He was granted the title of Chao Ratsaphakhinay in 1884. From 1911 to 1920, he was a member of the Government Council of French Indochina.[1]

Chao Maha Oupahat Bounkhong was the father of Phetsarath, Souvanna Phouma, Souphanouvong and Souvannarath.[2] He died at Luang Phrabang July 26, 1920, having had 11 sons and 13 daughters by 11 wives.


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