Bourbon ball

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Bourbon ball
Bourbon Balls.JPG
Bourbon balls with chocolate coating
Type Confectionery
Main ingredients Bourbon
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A bourbon ball is a Southern delicacy, invented by Ruth Hanley Booe of Rebecca Ruth Candy in 1938.

Bourbon balls are bite-sized confections incorporating bourbon, and dark chocolate as an ingredient.

The most common variation for home cooks is regional to the southern United States and incorporates crushed cookies, corn syrup, chopped pecans, and bourbon into a mixture that is formed into balls and coated in powdered sugar to prevent the evaporation of the alcohol. Once molded they are aged for up to a week, in a sealed container in a cool dark place, before serving. They will stay edible for up to a month before becoming too frail to pick up in one piece as the evaporation process desiccates the packed structure of the cookie.

Another variation has a similar filling, but with a chocolate exterior. The filling can also be similar to a truffle or a cherry cordial, with bourbon added.

Using other types of alcohol one can make rum balls, flavored vodka balls, or liqueur balls.

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