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Rabo Bouwfonds N.V.
Industry Real Estate
Founded 1946
Headquarters Westerdorpsstraat 66
Postbus 15
3870 DA, Hoevelaken, the Netherlands
Key people
Tjalling Halbersma, CEO
Products Real Estate
Real Estate Development
Investment Management
Revenue Increase 574 million (2006)
Increase 189 million (2006)
Number of employees
1487 (2006)
Parent Rabobank Groep

Bouwfonds is an international real estate company and one of the largest in the Netherlands. The company was established in 1946, just after the Second World War, as local government property developer with the aim to help working-class people buy their own home.[1] In 2000 it was sold to ABN Amro. According to a recent report from the Dutch daily De Volkskrant the circumstances under which the privatization took place constitute an economic scandal.[2] As the report claims " (...) Bouwfonds staff leaked documents to ABN Amro CEO Rijkman Groenink. These included confidential details about a bid by ING, allowing ABN Amro to trump the offer.".[3] Since December 2006, Bouwfonds has been part of Rabo Real Estate Group.

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  • Bouwfonds and Philips pension fund real estate fraud, codenamed as Klimop case by the Dutch ministry of justice and the FIOD.


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