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بوزنيقة (Arabic)
ⴱⵓⵣⵏⵉⵇⴰ (Berber)
Bouznika Beach
Bouznika Beach
Flag of Bouznika
Bouznika is located in Morocco
Location in Morocco
Coordinates: 33°47′23″N 7°9′27″W / 33.78972°N 7.15750°W / 33.78972; -7.15750Coordinates: 33°47′23″N 7°9′27″W / 33.78972°N 7.15750°W / 33.78972; -7.15750
Country Morocco
Region Casablanca-Settat
Province Benslimane Province
Population (2004)
 • Total 27,028
Time zone WET (UTC+0)
 • Summer (DST) WEST (UTC+1)

Bouznika (Arabic: بوزنيقة, Berber: ⴱⵓⵣⵏⵉⵇⴰ) is a city in Casablanca-Settat, Morocco, in the historical region of Chaouia.


The city name means "father of the small alley" in Arabic.


The city is part of the territory of Zenata, a Zenata Berber tribe introduced in the area when the Almoravids conquered the region. In 1907, when the French arrived in Casablanca, they took up arms cons them, they did so without conviction and were the first to submit. It was part of the group Oulad Bou Rezq and are now part of the group Chehaouna, it is divided into 8 fractions: Ouled Sidi Ali, Khalta, Oulad Hedjala, Ouled Maza, Berrada, Beni Meghith and Ghezouan. The inhabitants also come from Ziaida, a Sanhaja Berber tribe, very hospitable to those who fled the Makhzen, she was very mixed and it is not uncommon to see one of them claiming Arab. The rest of the inhabitants comes from the Arab tribe of the Banu Hilal, installed by the Almohads and the Almoravids to the 12th century.[1]


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