Bovedy (meteorite)

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Type Chondrite
Class Ordinary chondrite
Group L3
Country United Kingdom
Region Northern Ireland
Coordinates 54°34′N 6°20′W / 54.567°N 6.333°W / 54.567; -6.333Coordinates: 54°34′N 6°20′W / 54.567°N 6.333°W / 54.567; -6.333[1]
Observed fall Yes
Fall date April 1969
TKW 5.46 kg

On April 25, 1969, Bovedy, a meteorite fell in the area of Bovedy, Northern Ireland. After entering the atmosphere over the Bristol Channel, traversing Wales and the Irish Sea before landing near Limavady.[2]

The meteorite was found three days later broken into two pieces after falling through the roof of a shop in Sprucefield. The second fragment of the meteorite was discovered on S. Gilmore's farm in Bovedy. [3]

Composition and classification[edit]

The meteorite appeared to be brown and black, but the inside showed grey chondrules with flecks of metal within the meteorite. Before it separated on impact, the first fragment weighed 513g and the second fragment weighed 4,950g.[3]

Bovedy is an ordinary chondrite from the L group that is petrologic type 3.


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