Bovenkarspel-Grootebroek railway station

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Station Bovenkarspel-Grootebroek.JPG
Location Netherlands
Coordinates 52°41′42″N 5°14′10″E / 52.69500°N 5.23611°E / 52.69500; 5.23611Coordinates: 52°41′42″N 5°14′10″E / 52.69500°N 5.23611°E / 52.69500; 5.23611
Line(s) Zaandam–Enkhuizen railway
Preceding station   Nederlandse Spoorwegen   Following station
toward Enkhuizen
NS Intercity 1500
2x/hour; Not on evenings, weekends and when Intercity 140 runs
toward Deventer
NS Intercity 1500
2x/hour; Evenings and weekends only, but not when Intercity 140 runs
toward Amersfoort
NS Intercity 1500
1x/2 hours; Only at the moments when Intercity 140 runs and replaces this service on section Amsterdam Centraal-Deventer. Transfer to Intercity 140 to/from Berlin Ostbahnhof at Amsterdam Centraal
NS Intercity 14500
2x/hour; Weekdays rush hours only
Bovenkarspel-Grotebroek is located in Dutch railway station
Location within Dutch railway station

Bovenkarspel-Grootebroek is a railway station for Grootebroek, Stede Broec and Bovenkarspel, Netherlands. The station opened on 6 June 1885 and is located between Hoorn and Enkhuizen. The station is on the Zaandam–Enkhuizen railway. The station and services are operated Nederlandse Spoorwegen. The current station building dates from 1965.

Train services[edit]

The following services currently call at Bovenkarspel-Grootebroek:

  • 2x per hour intercity service Enkhuizen - Hoorn - Amsterdam - Hilversum - Amersfoort
  • 2x per hour intercity service Enkhuizen - Hoorn - Amsterdam (peak hours)

Bus services[edit]

Bus Service Operator From To Via Frequency Notes
138 Connexxion Enkhuizen NS Hem Town Centre, Enkhuizen Noord (Flosbeugel), Bovenkarspel, Grootebroek, Lutjebroek, Hoogkarspel, Venhuizen 1 or 2x per hour 4 journeys per day to Hem, other journeys terminate in Hoogkarspel or Venhuizen
412 Connexxion Bovenkarspel-Grootebroek NS Hoorn NS Venhuizen, Hem, Widenes, Schellinkhout (Nature Reserve), Schellinkhout 3x per day (To Hoorn Morning, From Hoorn Afternoon). Not Sundays

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