Bovine papular stomatitis

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Bovine papular stomatitis virus
Virus classification
Group: Group I (dsDNA)
Family: Poxviridae
Genus: Parapoxvirus
Species: Bovine papular stomatitis virus

Bovine papular stomatitis is a disease caused by a virus of the family Poxviridae and the genus Parapoxvirus.[1]:393 It occurs worldwide in cattle. Symptoms include reddish, raised, sometimes ulcerative lesions on the lips, muzzle, and in the mouth. It usually occurs before the age of two years.[2] Reinfection is possible because of the short duration of immunity. Clinically, the disease is mild, but its importance lies in the need to differentiate it from foot-and-mouth disease. There have been reports of both lesions on the hands of milkers and similar infections in sheep and goats, as well as humans.[3]

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