Bow River (Western Australia)

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This article is about a river in southern Western Australia. For a river of the same name in northern Western Australia, see Bow River (Kimberley region, Western Australia). For a river of the same name in Canada, see Bow River.
Bow River
Country Australia
Basin features
Main source Frankland State Forest
110 metres (360 ft)[1]
River mouth Irwin Inlet
Basin size 119 square kilometres (46 sq mi) [2]
Physical characteristics
Length 22 kilometres (14 mi) [3]

The Bow River is a river in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, not to be confused with Bow River in the Kimberley region of northern Western Australia.

The river rises on the eastern edge of the Frankland State Forest and flows in a southerly direction discharging into Irwin Inlet, which opens to the Southern Ocean at Foul Bay.

Bow River is a fresh water river with potential to be used as a water source in the area.[4]

The hamlet of Bow Bridge, once a timber milling and farming settlement, is located where the South Coast Highway crosses Bow River, about 25 km East of Walpole.

Forms of environmental damage have been identified at the river and its wetlands, including:[5]

Coordinates: 34°58′29″S 116°57′10″E / 34.97472°S 116.95278°E / -34.97472; 116.95278


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