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The Bow Tie Cigar Company is a premium cigar brand owned by Billie “Mr. Bow Tie” King Jr.

Company history[edit]

The Bow Tie Cigar Company was founded in 2006 in Belleville, Illinois.[1] By 2008, the company launched a total of four cigar blends ranging from mild to medium. [2] In 2013, the company transitioned to producing the Metallic Series, beginning with the already released Copper Label. Bow Tie Cigar has been featured in one of the largest cigar magazines in the world, Smoke Magazine. [2] Entrepreneur (magazine) also listed the company as a strong branding example in a list of ten upcoming entrepreneurs. [3] They have also been featured in Cigar Inspector, Cigar Geeks, and other tobacco related publications.


Bow Tie Cigar Company's branding focuses on the bow tie as a central theme. The banding on all their products is created in the shape of a bow tie. Different blends are created in different colors, with the current cigar line focusing on metallic bands. The company uses the image of a bow tie to create a memorable label that can be recognized by the image and color of the bow tie alone. [4] The bow tie also appears on cigar boxes, packaging, and cutters. The concept of using the bow tie stems from Billie King Jr.'s favorite accessory.[5] Billie King Jr. said, "I injected my personality into as many aspects of my business as possible. This is evident from the cigar bands to the website design, to the all-inclusive packaging concept, and my moniker. Bow Tie Cigars is me, and I am Bow Tie Cigars."[3] The use of the bow tie as a central theme is also seen in the company's slogan, "What color is your bow tie?". [6]


Bow Tie Cigar Company purchases all materials from growers located in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Production of the cigars also occurs in Santiago. Currently, their cigar line uses a mix of Brazilian, Dominican, Columbian, Nicaraguan, and Peruvian tobaccos.


Bow Tie Cigar Company primarily sells and distributes online. The company also began selling in retail locations in 2013. They are currently distributing the Copper Label. Currently the Gold Label and the Platinum Label are being developed.[7]



Copper Label Bow Tie[edit]

  • Robusto: 5 X 50
  • Toro Grande: 6 X 54
  • Presidencial: 7 X 52



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