Bowdoin College Men's Rugby

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Bowdoin College Men's Rugby
Founded 1969
League NERFU
Based in Brunswick, ME, USA
Head coach Rick Scala
Championships NERFU 1991

Bowdoin College Men's Rugby

Founded in 1969, the Bowdoin Rugby Football Club has been a unique element[citation needed] in the Bowdoin community for over 30 years. Always characterized by strong camaraderie and teamwork, the Club has a strong tradition of success, having won the New England Championship in 1991 and posting 15 winning seasons and 10 playoff appearances in the past 20 years.

Bowdoin Ruggers have been selected to represent the New England Rugby Union,[1] the Northeast Rugby Union[2] as well as the All-American Rugby Team[citation needed]. Bowdoin Rugby's head coach – Rick Scala – has been the foundation of the club's success for the past 20 years – with an overall career winning percentage of more than 70%[citation needed].

Team Origin[edit]

Rugby was first played on the Bowdoin College campus in the fall of 1969 when students at Bowdoin College teamed with two former collegiate rugby players living in Portland to found the club. Among the club's founders, student John Philipsborn had played rugby as a schoolboy and talked his faculty advisor, then college President Roger Howell, into supporting the creation of the club. Howell's support persuaded skeptics in the Athletic Department to allow Bowdoin facilities to be used for practices and matches. While Bowdoin students made up the majority of the founding club players, Portland residents Jim Palmer and Ray Schonbach provided coaching and prior club level playing experience for the first few years. During those first years, Bowdoin and what would later become the Portland Rugby Football Club played together as part of the same club. Bowdoin President Roger Howellprovided support to the club by supporting the allocation of college field space and basic equipment. Until he broke some ribs doing so, Howell also played in some of the club's initial scrimmages, having been exposed to the sport when he studied at St John's College, Oxford, on a Rhodes Scholarship. By 1973, there were enough players and college support for Bowdoin to have its own team. Several of the club's founding players, including Doug Mackinnon, John Benson (who had quarterbacked Bowdoin's football team), Bill Moran, and Philipsborn went on to play rugby with various clubs for a number of years.


Rick Scala Coach's Award[edit]

The Rick Scala Award goes to the player(s) who most epitomizes the spirit of rugby each year. That player demonstrates the qualities of hard work, good sportsmanship, respect for the game, and dedication. The first player to receive the award was Andy Palmer in 1986. In 1998 the graduating seniors presented Bowdoin College with a plaque which is located in the trophy case of Farley Field House. On the plaque were listed all the recipients of the Coach’s Award. The award was then renamed The Rick Scala Coach’s Award.

John Hayes Award[edit]

The John Hayes Award is given annually to one team in the New England Rugby Football Union for sportsmanship. The Bowdoin Men's Rugby Club won the award in 2007.[3]


Year W L T Captains Rick Scala Award Playoffs
1985 Ike Singh Dave Dilorenzi
1986 6 1 0 Andy Palmer Brian Ferriso
1987 7 1 0 Andy Palmer Randy Finn Andy Palmer New England Finals
1988 3 2 0 Eric Swann "Tumor"
1989 3 4 0 Joe McLean Joe McLean Mitch Zuklie Round 1
1990 5 2 0 Mitch Zuklie Eben Adams Mike Daoust Round 1
1991 8 1 0 Eben Adams Mike Daoust Nils Larsen Jeremy Segal New England Champions
1992 5 2 0 Matt Torrington Brian Farnham Matt Torrington Brian Farnham Justin Givot Round 1
1993 6 2 0 Jon Silverman Erin White Erin White Alan Liang Round 3
1994 4 2 0 Erin White Tony Doerr Matt Furtney Nick Pierpen Round 1
1995 5 2 0 Tom Talbot Tom Talbot Ben Wells
1996 2 3 0 Jason Johnson Jason Klaitman Jason Johnson Jason Klaitman
1997 1 4 0 Lorne Norton Justin Harrison Lorne Norton Justin Harrison
1998 2 3 0 Sean Kane Jason Rooke Sean Kane Jason Rooke Frank Hwang
1999 4 1 0 Alex Gray Dave Nakasian Nubar Nakasian The Seniors
2000 4 1 0 Colin Dunn Jason Pietrafitta Colin Dunn Jason Pietrafitta Rob Mandle
2001 8 2 0 Jason Pietrafitta Billy Soares Kris Bosse Billy Soares Matt Stanton Northeast Finals
2002 4 3 0 Dennis Kiley Dave Kirkland Denis Kiley Dave Kirkland Ryan Brawn Round 1
2003 3 2 0 Warren Dubitski Ryan Chisholm Truc Huynh Ryan Naples
2004 4 1 0 Truc Huynh Tom Hazel Luke Flanagan Tom Hazel Nick Reid
2005 3 3 1 Luke Flanagan Alex Castro Adam Feit Senior B-Side Round 1
2006 Dan Jaffee Dan "Brick" Cambell Jody Mullis Dan Campbell
2007 Mark "Frogger" Fuller Ryan "Hershey" Devenyi Mark Fuller Jeremy Bernfeld
2008 Derek "Deek" Castro Jeremey "Bessie" Bernfeld
2009 Cliff Webster Ross Cowman Kelsey Cole Round 1
2010 Ben Messerly Ryan Jewett Reed Gilbride Ryan Jewett
2011 6 0 0 Bobby Shaw Ian Brandon New England Finals
2012 4 0 0 Phil "Pink Sock" Cuddeback Hunter "Bam Bam" Rusack
2013 7 0 1 Jay "Dino" Query David "Foxtrot" Dietz New England Finals
2014 6 0 2 Jordan "Snack Pack" Voisine Varun "Sapphire" Wadia Jordan Voisine Varun Wadia New England Semi-Finals


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