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For the bridge in Asheville, North Carolina, United States, see Interstate 240 (North Carolina).
Bowen Bridge
Bowen Bridge from W shore1.JPG
Coordinates 42°49′07″S 147°18′21″E / 42.81861°S 147.30583°E / -42.81861; 147.30583
Carries (B35) Goodwood Road
Crosses Derwent River
Locale Hobart, Tasmania
Maintained by Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources
Design Segmental Cantilever[1]
Total length 976 meters[1]
Width 21.4 meters[1]
Longest span 109 meters[1]
Number of spans 10 (52, 8x109, 52m)[1]
Clearance below 15.2 meters
Constructed by Leighton Contractors[1]
Opened 23 February 1984

The Bowen Bridge is a four-lane road bridge crossing the Derwent River in Tasmania, Australia. The Bridge lies on the river about half way between the Tasman Bridge and the Bridgewater Bridge. The Bridge links the East Derwent Highway with the Brooker Highway (as Goodwood Road) at Glenorchy some 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) from Hobart. The Bowen Bridge was built with Federal funds following the collapse of the Tasman Bridge in 1975.[1] The bridge cost $49 million to construct and was officially opened on 23 February 1984. The Bowen Bridge was built with the intention of assisting the commuters of Hobart, should something happen to the Tasman Bridge. The bridge is named after John Bowen who settled the first European Colony in Tasmania at Risdon Cove, which later would be moved to the other side of the Derwent to form Hobart. [2]

facing the bridge from the Derwent River (facing south).


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