Bowen Hills railway station

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Bowen Hills
Bowen Hills Railway Station, Queensland, July 2012.JPG
Northbound view from Platform 2 in July 2012
LocationAbbotsford Road, Bowen Hills
Coordinates27°26′43″S 153°02′15″E / 27.4454°S 153.0376°E / -27.4454; 153.0376Coordinates: 27°26′43″S 153°02′15″E / 27.4454°S 153.0376°E / -27.4454; 153.0376
Owned byQueensland Rail
Operated byCity network
Line(s)North Coast
Ferny Grove
Distance2.66 kilometres from Central
Platforms4 (2 islands)
Structure typeGround
Disabled accessYes
Other information
Station code600005 (platform 1)
600000 (platform 2)
600002 (platform 3)
600007 (platform 4)
Fare zonego card 1
WebsiteQueensland Rail
Preceding station   Queensland Rail   Following station
toward Roma Street
Airport Line
toward Bowen Hills
Beenleigh Line
toward Beenleigh
toward Roma Street
Caboolture Line
toward Caboolture
toward Bowen Hills
Cleveland Line
toward Cleveland
toward Roma Street
Doomben Line
toward Doomben
toward Roma Street
Ferny Grove Line
toward Ferny Grove
toward Bowen Hills
Gold Coast Line
toward Bowen Hills
Ipswich & Rosewood Line
toward Rosewood
toward Roma Street
Redcliffe Peninsula Line
toward Kippa-Ring
toward Roma Street
Shorncliffe Line
toward Shorncliffe
TerminusSpringfield Line
toward Roma Street
Sunshine Coast Line
toward Nambour
toward Gympie North

Bowen Hills railway station is located on the North Coast line in Queensland, Australia. It serves the Brisbane suburb of Bowen Hills. North of the station, the Ferny Grove line branches off.


There have been three railways stations named Bowen Hills. The first from 1882 to 1889 was near Campbell Street. In 1890, a new station opened at the south end of the Abbotsford Road tunnel. In 1971, to allow for the Mayne marshalling yards to be expanded, Bowen Hill and Mayne Junction stations were closed with a new Bowen Hills station opening in 1973.[1]

As part of the quadruplication of the line from Roma Street station, Platforms 3 and 4 opened on 11 June 1996.[2][3][4]


In October 1904, Archibald Kerr, a 16-year-old boy, fell from a moving train near Bowen Hills station; the boy died from the injury to the back of his head caused by the fall. At the time, the train driver was not aware of the event until he was told about it by the signalman on the train's return journey at Brunswick Street station. The train gate was blamed as the cause of the accident at first, but after the gate was found to be in working order, the cause of the accident wasn't known.[5]


Bowen Hills station is served by Airport, Beenleigh, Caboolture, Doomben, Ferny Grove, Redcliffe Peninsula, Shorncliffe, Springfield and Sunshine Coast line services.[6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13] Also see Inner City timetable[14] It is adjacent to the Mayne Stabling Yards, with many services terminating here.[15]

Services by platform[edit]

Platform Lines Destinations Notes
1 Airport City, Beenleigh & Varsity Lakes [16]
Doomben City & Park Road [16]
City & Cleveland Evening peak only[16]
Beenleigh City & Beenleigh [16]
Shorncliffe City & Cleveland [16]
2 Airport Brisbane Airport Domestic [17]
Doomben Doomben [17]
Ferny Grove Ferny Grove [16]
Shorncliffe Northgate & Shorncliffe [17]
3 Caboolture City, Springfield Central, Ipswich & Rosewood [18]
Redcliffe Peninsula City, Springfield Central & Ipswich [18]
Sunshine Coast City, Springfield Central & Ipswich [18]
4 Caboolture Caboolture [19]
Redcliffe Peninsula Kippa-Ring [19]
Sunshine Coast Nambour & Gympie North [19]


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