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The Houston Bowery Wall, also known simply as the Bowery Wall, is a famous mural wall currently owned and curated by Goldman Properties.[1], on the Lower East Side area of Manhattan, New York City. The concrete wall, on Houston St and the intersection of the Bowery, had been a popular graffiti spot in the early 1980s, when street artist Keith Haring created a large mural on it in 1982.[1] The wall was acquired by Goldman Properties in 1984. Tony Goldman began using the wall for advertisements,[2] though they were regularly vandalized. The wall once again become an art spot in 2008, when Goldman gave curator Jeffrey Deitch the right to commission large murals for the wall, with new pieces added every 6-12 months.

Since 2008, several street artists have had their works showcased on this famous wall.[3], including: Shephard Fairey, FAILE, Os Gêmeos, Logan Hicks, Kenny Scharf, Aiko Nakagawa, Ron English, TATS CRU, David Flores, and many others.[1][4] The site is often reviewed as a significant part of the New York City art world.[5]

Many artists and institutions have used this famous spot to draw attention to global issues, such as a 2018 installation by JR in collaboration with Time magazine about guns in America,[6][7] a 2018 piece by Banksy highlighting the imprisonment of an artist by the Turkish government,[8][9] and a celebration of global culture in 2019 by Tomokazu Matsuyma.[10]

The Houston Bowery Wall, in Fall 2020. Art by Raul Ayala and the Groundswell Mural project.


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