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ArohanamS R₁ G₃ P D₁ 
Avarohanam N₃ D₁ P G₃ R₁ S

Bowli is a Carnatic raga (also spelled as Bauli[1] or Bhauli[2]). This raga is a janya of the 15th Melakarta raga Mayamalavagowla. This raga is known to be a morning raga.

Structure and Lakshana[edit]

Ascending scale with C as Shadjam (tonic note)
Descending scale has one extra note N3

This ragam is an asymmetric scale and is classified as an audava-shadava ragam (five notes in the ascending scale and six notes in the descending scale).[1][2]

The notes in this scale are 'shuddha rishabham, antara gandharam, panchamam and shuddha dhaivatam in arohana and additional kakali nishadham in avarohanam.

Select compositions[edit]


Related rāgams[edit]

This section covers the theoretical and scientific aspect of this rāgam.

Scale similarities[edit]

  • Revagupti is a rāgam which has a symmetrical scale matching the ascending scale of Bowli (nishadham is entirely omitted). Its ārohaṇa-avarohaṇa structure is S R₁ G₃ P D₁ [c]:  D₁ P G₃ R₁ S[d]


  1. ^ Alternate notations:
    • Hindustani: S  G P  
    • Western: C D E G A C
  2. ^ Alternate notations:
    • Hindustani:  N  P G  S
    • Western: C B A G E D C
  3. ^ Alternate notations:
    • Hindustani: S  G P  
    • Western: C D E G A C
  4. ^ Alternate notations:
    • Hindustani:   P G  S
    • Western: C A G E D C


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