Bowling Headliners

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Bowling Headliners
Presented by Jimmy Powers and Al Cirillo (ABC)
Joe Hasel (DuMont)
Country of origin  United States
Running time 30 Minutes
Original network ABC (1948-49)
DuMont (1949-50)
Original release December 26, 1948 – April 9, 1950

Bowling Headliners was television's first regularly scheduled bowling show. Bowling Headliners aired on ABC from 1948-1949 and the DuMont Television Network from November 13, 1949 to April 9, 1950.

The series aired from Rego Park Lanes in Queens, New York. The original commentators were Jimmy Powers and Al Cirillo. When the show moved to DuMont, Joe Hasel took over as host.

The show was featured on the cover of the October 29, 1949 TV Guide when the magazine was still a local publication from New York City.[1]

The series is believed to be lost.

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