Bowman 42

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Bowman 42
Designer C.W. Paine Yacht Design
Draft 5' 11"
Type Monohull yacht
Hull weight 21,429 lb
LOA 43' 1"
LWL 32' 9"
Beam 12' 7"
Hull Appendages
Keel/Board Type Fin keel
Rig Type Bermudan cutter
Total sail area 894 ft2

The Bowman 42 is an ocean-cruising yacht produced by Rustler Yachts of Falmouth. The yacht is traditionally lined and styled, but is built from solid glassfibre composite with a fin and skeg underwater profile.

To achieve a good seakeeping ability for ocean cruising, the yacht is heavily constructed, and well ballasted. In addition, the yacht incorporates a strong skeg hung rudder.[1] The production of the yachts on a semi-custom basis, and the small numbers of yachts produced each year, result in a significantly higher purchase cost than comparable yachts from mass-production companies. The yacht is available in various degrees of part-completion as well as in factory finished form.[2]

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