Bowman Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

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Bowman Bay Wildlife Sanctuary
IUCN category IV (habitat/species management area)
Location Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada
Coordinates 65°42′09″N 73°29′30″W / 65.70250°N 73.49167°W / 65.70250; -73.49167Coordinates: 65°42′09″N 73°29′30″W / 65.70250°N 73.49167°W / 65.70250; -73.49167
Area 107,900 hectares
Established 1957-01-01
Governing body Nunavut

Bowman Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary on western Baffin Island within part of the Great Plain of the Koukdjuak in Northern Canada's territory of Nunavut.[1] It is classified as Category IV (Habitat/Species Management Area) under the International Union for Conservation of Nature.[2]


The sanctuary is located on the eastern shore of Foxe Basin, north of the Foxe Peninsula. Its size is 1,079 square kilometres (417 sq mi).[2][3]

History and conservation[edit]

During J. Dewey Soper's 1928–31 Arctic expedition in this area, he located the blue goose (C. c. caerulescens) nesting grounds on Bluegoose Plain by Bowman Bay.[4] The wildlife sanctuary was established in 1957. It received national legal protection under the Wildlife Act of 2003.

The sanctuary protects marine and intertidal wildlife.[2] Industrial activities and hunting are prohibited.[5]


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