Bowman Yachts

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Bowman Yachts
Bowman Yachts Logo.jpg
Country Falmouth, Cornwall, UK
Introduced Became brand of Rustler Yachts in 2002
Markets Yacht building
Previous owners Bowman Yachts, Rival Bowman

Bowman Yachts is a brand of the British premium yachtbuilder Rustler Yachts, which is based in Falmouth, Cornwall.[1] They are known for handbuilding traditionally styled glassfibre composite ocean cruising yachts, with a high quality of workmanship.[2]

Bowman existed as an independent company for many years, before merging with Rival Yachts to form Rival Bowman. The company went into receivership in November 2001, and was acquired by Rustler Yachts in 2002, which moved manufacturing to its yard in Falmouth.[3] Both Rustler's own yachts, and yachts produced under the Bowman brand, are produced in the same factory constructed in 2005, as was the Starlight brand, formerly owned by Rival Bowman, until 2011.[4] Bowman hulls are available part complete for fitting out by the owner, in addition to factory-completed boats.[5]


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