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George Bowser and Rick Blue (real name Richard Elger[1]), better known as Bowser and Blue, are a musical duo from Montreal who write and perform comedic songs. Their material ranges from absurdist humour ("I've Got a Great Big Dick", "Canadian Psychedelic Snowboarding Team", "I'm in Like with a Dyke Named Spike") to pointed political and cultural satire ("You Should Speak French", "Driving in Quebec", "Bouchard's Speech", "Clinton's Thing", "Rappin' Rambo").

Both longtime members of the music scene in Montreal, Bowser and Blue began working together as a duo in 1978. They still perform and travel extensively across Canada.

Four of their albums were released on the Justin Time label; all others since have been on their private You Guys Publishing. Montréal Souvenirs is their only studio album on You Guys.

Television Specials[edit]

  • "Blokes", 1993 (CFCF, Newsworld)
  • "La Fête Carrée (A Woodstock For Squareheads)", 1996 (CFCF)
  • "Something Bowser, Something Blue", 1996 (CFCF)
  • "Full Frontal Unity", 1997 (CTV - national)
  • "Two Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire", 1997 (CTV - national - Nominated for a Gemini award)
  • "Two Smart Fellers", 1998 (CFCF)
  • "We're All Here (Because We're Not All There)" 1999 (CFCF)
  • "She Wants Me (To Go Away)" 2000 (CFCF)

Theatre Shows[edit]

  • "Blokes", Centaur Theatre, Montréal, 1992
  • "The Best of Bowser and Blue", The Piggery Theatre, North Hatley, Québec, 1993
  • "Blokes Deux", Centaur Theatre, 1994
  • "Something Bowser, Something Blue", Theatre Lac-Brome, Lac-Brome, Québec, 1995
  • "Troubadours Through Time", Centaur Theatre, 1996
  • "Mainly Montréal", (with David Fennario and Vittorio Rossi), Centaur Theatre, 1997
  • "La Fête Carrée", (a Woodstock for Squareheads) Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, Montréal, 1997
  • "Two Smart Fellers", Theatre Lac-Brome, 1998
  • "We're All Here (Because We're Not All There)", Theatre Lac-Brome, 2000
  • "A Pile of Hits", Theatre Lac-Brome, 2001
  • "The Two and Only", Hudson Village Theatre, Hudson, Québec, 2002
  • "The Paris of America", Centaur Theatre, 2003 (musical)
  • "The 4 Anglos of the Apocalypse", Theatre Lac-Brome and Centaur Theatre, 2006
  • "Down Our Way, and Up Yours", Theatre Lac-Brome, 2007
  • "The 25th Century Belongs to Canada", Theatre Lac-Brome and Centaur Theatre, 2008
  • "Schwartz's: The Musical", Centaur Theatre, 2011
  • "The Last Night at the Gayety", Centaur Theatre, 2016


  • Bowser & Blue (1986)
  • Is it IN Yet? (1987)
  • The Lovely & Talented Bowser & Blue (1989)
  • Bowser & Blue Live
  • Bowser & Blue at the Comedy Nest (22 December 1994)
  • Troubadors (23 & 24 May 1996)
  • Montréal Souvenirs (1996)
  • La Fête Carrée
  • She Wants Me
  • We're All Here...
  • The Illustrated Canadian Songbook (2003)
  • Westmount Rhodesians (2007)
  • No Ordinary Dummies (2008)
  • Bowser and Blue 20th Anniversary
  • Crackpots
  • Humor for Boomers: Live at the Corona Theatre (soundtrack from the DVD)
  • Pull My Finger
  • Red Guitars
  • The BP Song (single)
  • Everything Is Cheaper in the States (single)
  • The Senator's Song (single)
  • Snow Is a Four-Letter Word (CD single)
  • That's Progress (single)


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