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Box-O-Plenty Records is a record label, started by Richard Derrick, a musician based in San Pedro, California. Between 2003 and 2011, the label released the following:

  • D. Boon and Friends (BOP CD 001), a collection of live and home recordings made in 1984-85, including six songs from a 1985 Minutemen show where Derrick was the substitute drummer. Most of the recordings were taken from Derrick's private collection, as he was Boon's roommate at the time these recordings were made. This project was done with the approval of Boon's family.
  • Alive In California (BOP CD 002) by British singer-songwriter Kevin Ayers, whom Derrick brought to the US in 1998 and 2000 for two California mini-tours (Los Angeles and San Francisco). Ayers performs several of his best-loved songs, backed by local musicians.
  • Season Finale (BOP CD 003) by Solo Career, a side-project band featuring Derrick on bass guitar, Bob Lee on drums, and guitarists Woody Aplanalp, Nels Cline and Ken Rosser. The cover artwork is by British artist Paul Whitehead, a longtime resident of Los Angeles. The music was recorded at two shows in 1997 and 2002. Other musicians who have performed with Solo Career include Joe Baiza, Danny Frankel, Mario Lalli and Mike Watt.

In March 2008 Box-O-Plenty released eleven albums by Another Umbrella, comprising seven hours of music, exclusively via digital download. These recordings were made between 1980 and 1991, with editing, mixing and mastering taking place between August 2007 and February 2008. Titles are as follows:

  • Eventide (BOP 004)
  • Before (BOP 005)
  • Equinox (BOP 006)
  • Transition (BOP 007)
  • Crystal Mountain (BOP 008)
  • At Cloud Level (BOP 009)
  • From Now Until (BOP 010)
  • Off Into (BOP 011)
  • Upstream (BOP 012)
  • Arrival (BOP 013)
  • Offering (BOP 014)

Box-O-Plenty ceased operations in June 2011.

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