Box (Guided by Voices album)

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GBV Box.jpg
Box set by Guided by Voices
Released February 28, 1995 [1]
Recorded October 1986–1993 [1]
Genre Rock, lo-fi, indie rock
Label Scat Records
Guided by Voices chronology
Bee Thousand
Alien Lanes
Guided by Voices chronology
Suitcase: Failed Experiments and Trashed Aircraft
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars[2]

Box is the first box set by indie rock band Guided by Voices. The set was released in 1995 on CD and vinyl.[1] It collects their first four limited-release albums Devil Between My Toes, Sandbox, Self Inflicted Aerial Nostalgia and Same Place the Fly Got Smashed, as well as an LP of previously unavailable material, King Shit and the Golden Boys.

The vinyl edition also includes Propeller - this was excluded from the CD version as the album was already available on that format, having been included on the first CD edition of Vampire on Titus.


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