Box Frenzy

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Box Frenzy
Box frenzy.jpg
Studio album by Pop Will Eat Itself
Released 1 October 1987
Genre Grebo, alternative dance
Label Chapter 22 (UK)
Rough Trade Records (US)
Castle Records (US)
Producer Robert Gordon
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Box Frenzy
Now For A Feast!
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars [1]

"Box Frenzy" is the debut album from UK based Grebo band Pop Will Eat Itself. It was released in 1987 by Chapter 22 Records in the UK and Rough Trade Records in the US, and re-released in 2003 with bonus tracks by Castle Records.

The track "There Is No Love Between Us Anymore" samples the songs "When I Fall In Love" by Nat King Cole, and "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" by The Righteous Brothers. Their better-known track "Hit the Hi-Tech Groove" not only samples the techno-disco song "Respectable" by Mel & Kim, as well as the Whistle song "Just Buggin'," but defiantly boasts that the band steals (though they actually sample) as many varieties of sounds that they can get to make their music, ranging from other people's songs to television soundbites.[2][not in citation given]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Grebo Guru" – 3:56
  2. "Beaver Patrol" – 3:08
  3. "Let's Get Ugly" – 4:00
  4. "U.B.L.U.D." – 3:49
  5. "Inside You" – 2:37
  6. "Evelyn" – 3:16
  7. "There Is No Love Between Us Anymore" – 3:55
  8. "She's Surreal" – 4:09
  9. "Intergalactic Love Mission" – 3:53
  10. "Love Missile F1-11" – 4:10
  11. "Hit the Hi-Tech Groove" – 5:10
  12. "Razorblade Kisses" – 1:50

Bonus Tracks

  1. Bubbles (3:11)
  2. Ugly (1:35)
  3. Picnic in the Sky (2:49)
  4. "...On the Razors Edge..." (4:10)
  5. Kiss That Girl (1:47)
  6. Def Con One [*] Constant, Crabb, Marsh, Mole (3:43)
  7. Hit the Hi-Tech Groove (Live) Crabb, Mansell, Marsh, Mole (5:00)
  8. She's Surreal (Live) Crabb, Mansell, Marsh, Mole (4:20)
  9. Pop Will Eat Itself at Def Con One (4:39)


Let's Get Ugly

  • "Rock The Bells" by L.L. Cool J

There Is No Love Between Us Anymore

Hit the Hi-Tech Groove


Pop Will Eat Itself

  • Clint Mansell - Vocals
  • Graham Crabb - Vocals
  • Adam Mole - Guitar
  • Richard March - Guitar
  • Dr.Nightmare - Drum machine


  • Graham Crabb, Clint Mansell, Richard March, Adam Mole

Hit the Hi-Tech Groove (including Live Version on bonus tracks), She's Surreal (Live Version)

  • Constant, Graham Crabb, Richard March, Adam Mole

Def Con One

  • Clint Mansell, Richard March, Adam Mole

Let's Get Ugly

  • Clint Mansell

Inside You

  • Graham Crabb

Grebo Guru, There Is No Love Between Us Anymore

  • Vestan Pance

U.B.L.U.D., Evelyn, She's Surreal, Intergalactic Love Mission, Razorblade Kisses, Ugly, Picnic in the Sky, "...On the Razors Edge...", Kiss That Girl, Pop Will Eat Itself at Def Con One.

  • Martin Degviille, Anthony Edward James, and Neal Whitmore

Love Missile F1-11

  • Archiblds

Beaver Patrol


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