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Box for One is a live television play which has been presented three times, twice on British broadcaster BBC and once on Australian broadcaster ABC. It is a drama about a "spiv", and the entire 30-minute drama takes place in a London telephone box. It was written by Peter Brook.

1949 version[edit]

The 1949 version aired on BBC, and starring Marius Goring, Ivan Craig and Josée Richard.[1] Broadcast live, it was likely never telerecorded, and is lost.[2]

1953 version[edit]

The 1953 version also aired on the BBC, and was an episode of Wednesday Theatre. It featured Robert Helpmann and Harold Lang.[3] This version is likely lost, as the BBC rarely telerecorded shows during 1953.

1958 version[edit]

The 1958 version aired on Australian broadcaster ABC, and aired live[4] on ABC's Melbourne station ABV-2. A telerecording (also known as a kinescope) was made and shown in Sydney[5] on station ABN-2. This version also featured Robert Helpmann.[6] It is not known if the kinescope recording still exists.

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