Boxing at the 1908 Summer Olympics – Lightweight

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Men's lightweight boxing
at the Games of the IV Olympiad
Date October 27
Competitors 12 from 3 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Frederick Grace  Great Britain
2nd, silver medalist(s) Frederick Spiller  Great Britain
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Harry Johnson  Great Britain
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Boxing at the
1908 Summer Olympics
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The lightweight was one of five boxing weight classes contested on the 1908 Summer Olympics programme. Like all other boxing events, it was open only to men. The boxing competitions were held on October 27. The lightweight was the middle class, allowing boxers of up to 140 pounds (63.5 kg).

Twelve boxers from three nations competed.


Round of 16
October 27
October 27
October 27
October 27
  Harry Johnson (GBR) 2  
  Hemming Hansen (DEN) 0       Johnson (GBR) 2  
  Harold Holmes (GBR) KO2     Holmes (GBR) 1  
  André Bouvier (FRA) L         Johnson (GBR) 0  
  George Jessup (GBR) KO1         Spiller (GBR) 2  
  Frank Osborne (GBR) L       Jessup (GBR) L
  Patrick Fee (GBR) 0     Spiller (GBR) KO2  
  Frederick Spiller (GBR) 2         Spiller (GBR) 0
  Matt Wells (GBR) 2 (4th)         Grace (GBR) 2
  Waldemar Holberg (DEN) 1       Wells (GBR) 0  
  Frederick Grace (GBR) 2     Grace (GBR) 2  
  Edward Fearman (GBR) 0         Grace (GBR) -
 None -        Bye -  
 None -      None -
 None -    None -  
 None -  


Round of 16

Wells and Holberg split the judges over the course of the first three rounds. The referee declared a fourth round, which Wells won in a contest which involved more grappling than punching. Bouvier was knocked down several times by Holmes before the referee stopped the contest. Jessup dominated his match, with Osborne not lasting past the first round. Grace, Spiller, and Johnson each won by decisions varying in closeness.


Spiller had the easiest time of it in the round, nearly eliminating Jessup in the first. The second round saw Jessup counted out. Grace and Wells fought a defensive bout, without either receiving much punishment. Johnson won a tight bout with Holmes by referee's decision.


Grace took a bye in the semifinals and Spiller's easy win made the round an uneventful one.


Each boxer went to the mat in the second, but Grace piled on more hits than did Spiller to win the bout.


Place Name Nation
1 Frederick Grace  Great Britain
2 Frederick Spiller  Great Britain
3 Harry Johnson  Great Britain
4 Harold Holmes  Great Britain
George Jessup  Great Britain
Matt Wells  Great Britain
7 André Bouvier  France
Edward Fearman  Great Britain
Patrick Fee  Great Britain
Hemming Hansen  Denmark
Waldemar Holberg  Denmark
Frank Osborne  Great Britain


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