Boxing at the 1908 Summer Olympics – Middleweight

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Men's middleweight boxing
at the Games of the IV Olympiad
Date October 27
Competitors 10 from 3 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Johnny Douglas  Great Britain
2nd, silver medalist(s) Reginald Baker  Australasia
3rd, bronze medalist(s) William Philo  Great Britain
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The middleweight was one of five boxing weight classes contested on the boxing at the 1908 Summer Olympics programme. Like all other boxing events, it was open only to men. The boxing competitions were all held on October 27. The middleweight was the second-heaviest class, allowing boxers of up to 158 pounds (71.7 kg).

It was the only boxing event in which a non-British boxer won a bout. Reginald Baker from Australia (competing on the Australasia team) won three before losing to Johnny Douglas in the final.

Ten boxers from three nations competed.


Round of 16
October 27
October 27
October 27
October 27
 William Childs (GBR) KO2  
 Gaston Aspa (FRA) L      Childs (GBR) 0  
 William Dees (GBR) L    Baker (ANZ) 2  
 Reginald Baker (ANZ) KO2        Baker (ANZ) KO1  
 William Philo (GBR) 2        Philo (GBR) L  
 Arthur Murdoch (GBR) 1      Philo (GBR) -
None -   Bye -  
None -        Baker (ANZ) 1
 Ruben Warnes (GBR) KO2        Douglas (GBR) 2
 Charles Morard (FRA) L      Warnes (GBR) -  
None -   Bye -  
None -        Warnes (GBR) L
 René Doudelle (FRA) L        Douglas (GBR) KO2  
 Johnny Douglas (GBR) KO1      Douglas (GBR) -
None -   Bye -  
None -  


Round of 16

The first round was characterized by knockouts, as all three Frenchmen as well as Dees were out before the start of the third round. Aspa managed to make it through two rounds before withdrawing due to a thumb injury. Doudelle went down the quickest, in the first round, while Dees and Morard were bested in the second rounds of their bouts. The one bout that did go all the way was between Philo and Murdoch, which was such a tight contest that the referee had to break the judges' tie.


Philo, Warnes, and Douglas all had byes in the second round. Baker and Childs had the only quarterfinal match. The Australian hit Childs with a powerful uppercut as well as managing to avoid a charge by Childs that caused the Briton to fall through the ropes. In a clear decision, Baker advanced to the semifinals.


Both semifinal contests were knockouts, bringing the middleweight event to a total of 6 knockouts to 2 decisions. Baker defeated Philo quickly, while Douglas took two rounds to put Warnes away.


In a match that had the potential to break England's dominance of the boxing championships, Baker and Douglas went through a middleweight final that the Official Report described as the "best boxing of the day"[1] (and therefore the entire 1908 Olympic boxing competition). The two fought well, with Douglas's knockdown of Baker in the second a major factor in the Briton's win.


Place Name Nation
1 Johnny Douglas  Great Britain
2 Reginald Baker  Australasia
3 William Philo  Great Britain
4 Ruben Warnes  Great Britain
5 William Childs  Great Britain
6 Gaston Aspa  France
William Dees  Great Britain
René Doudelle  France
Charles Morard  France
Arthur Murdoch  Great Britain


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